quarta-feira, 14 de abril de 2010

Practice 've got/'s got with Lily Allen!

Guys, yesterday I had the nicest class!! I was supposed to teach a new student ‘VE GOT/’S GOT and as a "wrap up" I wanted to give her a song (it’s always a great idea for first day of classes!). So I had prepared this Lily Allen’s song “22” with simple questions about it which we were supposed to discuss after listening to it and...a special homework: my student would have to write a happy end for the story!! One of the coolest thing is that the song tells a story so we can work with it in different ways. As I was listening to the song more carefully (I have to admit I hadn’t paid toooo much attention to it at first) I realized that the singer uses the structure HAS GOT a few times so my student had the chance to enjoy the song, practice her speaking (discussing the questions I’ve prepared), exercise her writing (with the homework I assigned her to do) AND see the content we had just studied applied in a song!!! Wonderful, isn’t it?? It really made my day!

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