sábado, 29 de maio de 2010

About a magazine article.

A few days ago I found an old magazine (Cláudia October 2009) which had an article that caught my attention (English, English, English!). They were writing about the importance of learning English nowadays and also about the way regular schools treat the matter. I selected some parts of it for you to take a look:
• “It’s time to speak, write and think in English with fluency and security.”
• “Nowadays, English students start studying the language earlier than before.”
• “Modern strategies of teaching focus on the abilities of communicating and try to use daily language, proposing interactive activities and putting the student as an important role not only as an expectator.”
• “English is the most used language in business world.”
• “Teenagers nowadays are one step ahead because of Orkut, facebook, Twitter, videogames, etc. So it makes sense learning the language.”
• According to Paulo Sérgio Rezende (he’s a consultant), "learning English doesn’t depend only on the situation, the material or on the school. The most important aspect is that it’s gonna be necessary for the students to be dedicated (they need to study frequently) and always have a good teacher.”

Have a great day, colleague!

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