sexta-feira, 7 de maio de 2010

Ahhhhhh soap operas!

What a great investiment it is to buy one of those soap opera’s CDs!! This was the first time I got one and let me tell you: that was one of the best things I did! It was not that expensive (R$ 29,90) and I’ve been using it a lot in my classes.If you're a "high-tech" teacher (unfortunately I'm not...) you can even download the CD from the Net and use it in your classes, right? Well,when we think about giving our students a song, the smallest chance of commiting a mistake and maybe giving them a song they wouldn’t like is to choose one from the current soap opera CD!! In the CD there're many different good options. Students usually loooove those songs! Not mentioning that they have the chance to listen to them many times once they're being played on TV every single day they can sing it AND remember your class as well, which is the best, isn't it? Have a great weekend, coleague!

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  1. Hey, guys, I saw today this CD for only R$9,99 at Americanas Store!!