quinta-feira, 6 de maio de 2010

A funny way to get some discipline from your students!

This one is great. I remember I used to have this nice and really creative colleague at the last course I taught. At the time I had one of those very indisciplined groups...do you know those ones we would like to run away from? Those ones. There were many students in class and this fact was making things even harder for me. So one day I was talking to that colleague and she gave me this wonderful idea: why not trying to use a whistle? She gave me one of hers (she had a few in her purse) and I decided to follow her advice. The result was great! Once I used the whistle to catch their attention, everybody stopped talking and...started laughing instead! I laughed, too, and from that moment on they knew that if I had to use my whistle (in extreme situations) they should stop immediately. It worked with me, mybe it works with you as well. The point is it’s necessary to know in advance if the course or school you teach allow this kind of things and be careful not to exaggerate either in the volume or in the situations you make use of your whistle. Where can you get one? At any R$ 1,99 store or even at one of those stores in which we can buy supplies for birthday parties (in this case you can buy a pack paying almost nothing!). Good luck, my dear colleague!

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  1. lol, good idea! But I'm not sure I'm allowed to do it. :S But thanks anyway.

  2. Hi there, Polly and Vivi!! It's great to read your comments! Vivi, as I said, it's a good idea to ask first if you can use a whistle in class.

  3. I'll try that too. There are 2 boys that are driving me crazy... and I'm quite sure I can use it because I AM MY BOSS! hehehe