segunda-feira, 17 de maio de 2010

Activities for the World Cup!

As everybody has been waiting anxiously for the World Cup (including me) why not start planning some nice activities to give our students about the theme? Well, at first, I thought about two simple exercises:
a) If you’re teaching colors: let’s make use of the different teams’ T-shirts to have them practicing English! We can print them from the Net and have students asking and answering questions.
b) If you’re teaching Countries/Nationalities: Great opportunity to use the countries which are participating in the World Cup to teach our students their names and corresponding nationalities!
c) Now this is a wonderful site!! Check it out!
Attention to: A footballer letter (reeeeally cute!!! Students have to write a reply by answering a few questions about your school), the song which is this year’s World Cup theme (you can prepare a nice activity with it), a Football word search (always a good option), a World Cup match report where students can write the names of the countries that played and also their impressions about each time (great written exercise!) and very cute football rewards for the students who behave well during the week. I simply loved this site and I’m definitely going to use some of those activities!! Ah! They’re printable!Have a great Monday, collegue!

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  1. Hi Bianca!
    I really like reading your posts. I'd like to have your e-mail to keep in touch and also change ideas, etc. And you know what? I'm from Cabo Frio too!!!
    Take care.