sábado, 22 de maio de 2010

A book for our children and....students! (Why not?)

A couple of weeks ago I got this book (365 Atividades para fazer com seus filhos após as aulas / Cynthia MacGregor) because I thought it might be interesting for me to play with my son AND adapt some of the activities in order to use them in class. Why not? So here are four adapted activities for us to use in our lessons! Check it out:
a) “The true story” – Students are supposed to write their own version for a famous story, for example: Robin Hood.
b) “Bip!” – Vowels cannot be pronounced during this spelling game. Students should say “Bip!” every time they get to a vowel while spelling a certain word. For example: magazine. They gotta say: “M-bip-G-bip-Z-bip-N-bip”.
c) “Magazine Hunting” – In advance, teacher prepares a list of 15 or 20 things for the students to look for the corresponding pictures in old magazines. In pairs or in small groups students have 20 minutes to find as many pictures as possible. The winners are the ones who found the biggest number of images.
d) “Hunting for letters” – With a list with the alphabet in hands, students gotta find in old magazines pictures that show something which starts with the corresponding alphabet letter. It can be a nice competition, too!

That’s it for today, colleagues! Have a bright weekend!

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