quinta-feira, 27 de maio de 2010

I like pasta. (Teaching Do/Does)

I guess we, teachers, always get a little bit anxious when we have to teach Do/Does. My very first class was related to this topic and I remember I had to teach a group of other teachers who were there to avaluate me...God...maybe a trauma. I don’t know. Well, yesterday I tried something that worked really well and maybe it works with your group/student, too!! I got some pictures that I already had in my folder and they were all about food. Easy vocabulary. Cheese, pasta, bread, pie, apples. I wrote those words on the board, placed the pictures on the desk and started by saying: “I like pasta, cheese and pie” then I said: “I don’t like apples very much...”. Then I asked my students (there were two students having class at the same time) to make sentences just like me, and afterwards I presented the interrogative form as well. In order to present “Does” I only told them that I’d like to test their memory about the other’s tastes. So I asked: “Luana, does Bruno like cheese?”, and so on. Have a great day, colleague!

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