quarta-feira, 5 de maio de 2010

Teach HER/HIS/THEIR using pictures of celebrities!

For a long time I’ve been using pictures of famous people to teach the possessive pronouns HER, HIS, THEIR to my students and the results are great! All you have to do is get some pictures of celebrities from an old magazine! Start your class by saying “MY name is _______”,” YOUR name is ________” (using the name of one of your students), “HER name is ______” (using one of the pictures you got), etc. Then you may introduce the question: “What’s YOUR name?” and continue with the pictures “What’s HER name?”, etc. I usually elicit the complete answer from my students (HER name is...) so that we can practice the structures even more. Finnaly, I teach short answers, so I point to one of the pictures and ask: IS HER name Paola Oliveira? And my student has to answer "Yes, it is" or "No, it isn't". If you work with large groups you can divide them in pairs and provide them pictures so that they can keep practicing asking and answering each other!! Don’t forget to include the picture of someone who you're almost sure they don't know in order to teach them “Sorry, I don't know". Have a bright class!

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  1. Hi, Bianca!
    How are things going?

    Just passing by... I've used this kind of activity recently with a Basic 1 group and it was great!

    I'm starting a blog with my teen students. Trying something new... trying to get better results. I'll let you now soon ;)
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. oops

    because of the blog they don't post my comment with my name anymore!

    It was me, Polly, who commented ;)

  3. Hi, Bianca!!! Good idea!!!
    I love this blog :D


  4. What a nice idea, Polly!! I've already tried to have a blog with my students but unfortunately it didn't work. Write me soon telling me the results you got with yours!

  5. Hi, Vivi!! You can use this idea in class and I'm pretty sure it's gonna work really well!!