quarta-feira, 26 de maio de 2010

Answers on the wall???

Yes. Students usually get really bored when they have to read a text and then answer thousands of questions about it. A veeery dynamic way to make them participating is the following: In advance, teacher should write the answers for those comprehension questions in pieces of paper. Each answer in one piece of paper. Then, before class, the instructor chooses a place to glue all those anwers with a tape. When I did this activity I used the door because I wasn’t allowed to use the walls. So you gotta place all those answers on a certain surface and they should be out of order. Each pair or group has to choose someone to go there and choose the correct answers right after you read the question. The one(s) who gets first scores the point!! Have a nice day, colleague!

3 comentários:

  1. Excellent!!!You have a dynamic exercise and a debate as well, cause the group or pair has to discuss about the possibilities so you definitely assure interaction.

  2. Nice! I've done sth similar a few months ago. I wrote a short paragraph about somebody. e.g.: "Anna" her name, age, favourite color, subject, food etc. My idea was practicing the personal questions. They were supposed to read the info on the walls and come back to their chairs and answer my questions.

  3. Thanks for passing by, girls!!