sexta-feira, 21 de maio de 2010

A spelling game just like a TV show!

I remember Luciano Huck used to have an exciting spelling game on TV! And we, teachers, can have our students participating in a contest like that... in class! After teaching the alphabet, you can ask your students to get ready for this big contest which is gonna be during the next class. All students are participating and the winner gets a prize (remember it doesn’t have to be anything expensive. A chocolate or a cute pencil does the trick!). So the following class, in the last 15 minutes or so, you can ask them to sit in a circle and start saying some words from the book for them to spell. The ones who make a mistake should leave the game and get ready for next class’ competition. I had the chance to play this game with some groups and the result was great! The coolest thing is that they’re gonna study the content without even noticing it. If you’re a private teacher (just like me) you can also play this game with your student. Make a list of ten words and have your student spell each of them. If he/she spells everything correctly he gets a reward! Hmmm! Great idea for my next class!! Have a wonderful weekend, colleague!

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