terça-feira, 18 de maio de 2010

Just Guessing! (Practice any auxiliary verb with this activity!)

A guessing game is always something nice to do in large groups (or even in small ones) because students love it! With this simple activity we can have them practicing any auxiliary verb we want! For example: Today’s class was about “do/does” so the teacher has to prepare in advance a few questions like:
1. like chocolate? (Yes) (No)
2. Eat Bread everyday? (Yes) (No)
3. Watch TV on weekends? (Yes) (No)

Divide your group in teams and give each one a paper with the questions you’ve already prepared. The same paper should be given to a volunteer and this brave student should sit in front of the classroom. The volunteer is supposed to answer the questions with his/her own information. On the other hand, the teams should try to guess (and check) the volunteer’s responses. By the time the instructor is checking their answers to see which team scored the point, he/she might use the auxiliary verb which is being studied: Team A, does he like to eat chocolate? or Team B, does he watch TV on weekends? Remember to elicit the correct corresponding answers: Yes, he does / No, she doesn’t. Have fun!

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