segunda-feira, 3 de maio de 2010

Weird presents: another nice way to practice If Clause!

I’ve used another great idea from that book “Inglês é Teen” (I've written about it in one of my old posts)! In order to practice the second "If Clause", I asked one of my students if she’d already gotten a weird present or something that she didn’t like at all. Then I started asking her what she would do IF SHE GOT a broken vase...or a plastic cat...or even a wig! The activity went on really well, and we had a great time because she had to explain what she would do with each of those “useful” presents and at the same time she had the chance to practice the structure a lot! Attention to the other weird presents: a broken computer mouse, a wooden leg and a parachute. Remember we can use our creativity and add some other crazy gifts!!! Activity approved!

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