segunda-feira, 2 de agosto de 2010

A game from the good old days!

I remember when I was fourteen or fifteen and we used to travel to my grandmother’s house on the beach. Unfortunately, a great part of our vacation was spent indoors because it used to rain a lot down there, so we had to play games while we waited for the sun to get back. I don’t know why I thought about this game to use in class as a great way to break the ice, especially in the first day. The teacher has to prepare in advance as many pieces of paper as the number of students in class. One is gonna be the “detective”, the other one the “thief” and the rest of the group “victims”. Have your group sit in a circle and tell them this is a silent game. The student who’s got the paper with “thief” written on it, has to look at someone from the group and blink twice. This student is out of the game and should say so to the rest of the class. The detective is supposd to find out who the thief is by looking carefully to everybody. The coolest thing is that the thief can be caught if he blinks to the detective...Great option to play on the beach using cards when it’s raining. Wonderful alternative to adapt in class with our students! Have a great day!

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