quinta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2010

Talking about the past...

Today, at the end of one of my private lessons, I applied that activity in which students are supposed to continue a story by adding sentences to it. In large groups it's really nice because there's a bunch of stories being written at the same time. I've already made use of this activity and I also posted something about it some time ago. But this was the very first time that I used this exercise during my private lessons, which means, with only one student. As we've been reviewing the past I thought it would be a good idea to do this different exercise using the verbs in the past. So I wrote two sentences using verbs in the past on the top of two pieces of paper and I was playing the game with my student. He had to add a sentence to mine and then it was my turn to do it,so we kept exchanging those two pieces of paper until we had completed a "different" story. If you're a private English teacher, just like me, don't hesitate! Try to adapt as many activities as you can so that you can bring to your classes something new! Really cool! See you, colleague!

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