segunda-feira, 9 de agosto de 2010

Using a Brazilian magazine in class!

We all know that using an American magazine in class is awesome! I’ve already had the chance to post something about “Speak Up” and it’s really a useful tool to teach English. But is there a ay we can make use of Brazilian magazines in class? Yes! Actually there are many, but today I’m gonna write something about na idea I had to use this week. So, on Tuesday I’m teaching this student whose book is Intermediate and the lessons all about “trips”. The lead in exercise would be the following: the student would have to think about a place he/she’d like to go and then there was this list of questions related to the topic just like, “Who would you go with?” or “How do you feel?”, etc. Then I thought about taking a Brazilian magazine which is all about trips to class and ask my student beforehand to take a look at it and choose a place he’d really like to visit. Then, I would start asking those questions from the book. Mmm, I guess it might be interesting. Have a great Monday, colleague!

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  1. Just passing by to say hi!

    Have a wonderful week!


  2. Hi, Polly! I miss you! It's great to have you here!! Have a wonderful week, too!