segunda-feira, 16 de agosto de 2010

Teaching kids Possessive Pronouns (Her/His)

This week I’m going to teach two of my students, who are children, the possessive pronouns “his” and “her”. With adults, as I’ve already written here, I really like using pictures of famous people and then have them practicing the structures “What’s HER/HIS name?” and also “HER/HIS name is...”. So with my students I decided I’d use the same “method”, but it wouldn’t be a good idea to use the same pictures I use with the grown-ups. This is why I got some images of celebrities from Google that I thought could be easily recognized by the youngers. Simple as that! Thanks for passing by, colleague!
PS: Before presenting the new grammar point (her/his) I "labeled" myself (I glued a piece of paper with my name on my shirt) and I said: "My name is Bianca". They did the same and then I introduced the pictures I got from Google by saying "Her name is Angélica", and so on. That was a good way to start the activity with the pictures.

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