quinta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2010

When you don't know what to do.

It happens to all of us.Sometimes we just don’t feel inspired at all, even though we really feel like doing something different in our lesson. We’re motivated, but not inspired. For those moments, I’ll give you a suggestion of what you can do. First of all, keep in mind that ANYTHING different you do in class is gonna provide your lesson a new “look” and your students will notice that and also like it. OK. So, imagine you’re about to start teaching and that wonderful idea just didn’t come. Calm down. Take a look at the lesson you’re supposed to teach and focus on its theme. In a piece of paper write as many questions you can about the subject and then think about the best way to have your students asnwering those questions before you start your class (as a warm up exercise) ora t the end of it. We’ve got a variety of ways to do that: if you work with large groups, you can divide them in smaller ones and have them discussing those questions for a few minutes, or you can have pairs asking and answering those questions, and if you work with a small group you can all have a group discussion using the questionnaire you’ve prepared for it. You can write those questions on the board, have them written (Yes! Simply written!) in pieces of paper or typed. See? Small things can also do wonders to our classes! Let’s keep motivated even when inspiration doesn’t come. Have a beautiful day, colleague!

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