segunda-feira, 30 de agosto de 2010

Making an impression.

That was the topic of today's unit. Is the first impression important? Are your first impressions usually right? So as an introductory activity I decided to look for pictures in an old magazine beforehand. The book brought some adjectives then I could search for faces that could fit them, so that my student could actually see what those qualities mean and have fun trying to match them to the pictures. So I set a time limit for him to do the task and think about reasons for those choices. Afterwards he had to explain me why certain picture got that specific adjetive, for example: "I think this man is boring because he looks too serious..." or "This woman looks creative because of the different clothes she's wearing...".Well,that was nice! Have a great day, colleague!
PS: Material needed: an old magazine and paper to write or type the adjectives you need to work with your group/private student. Have fun!

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