domingo, 22 de agosto de 2010

Problems we face 3 (Lack of participation)

Why don’t our students participate as much as we would like them to? According to, students don’t participate because they’re not prepared for a class discussion or due to shyness. They say students should know that can be called on at any time so that they don’t necessarily have to raise their hands even though this could be a stressful situation for a shy student. The article suggests the instructor to gently re-assure students that giving a wrong answer is okay and that mistakes can be learned from whenever they suspect that a student is holding back from participation due to lack of confidence. Another nice idea they give in order to increase students’ confidence is to allow them discuss their answers before being called on. Positive feedback is another great way to help our students feel more confident. No matter how the answer was given, first say something positive about it and then add constructive criticism if you need to. The site also brings some practical ideas of how we can solve this problem. Here there are some of them: give your students a clue regarding the kind of response you’re expecting, give your group a minute to write their thoughts before anyone is called, arrive early to class and chat with students informally, sit close to your students, move around the room or sit in different locations may help, too. I know it’s the kind of a problem which is more often faced by large group teachers, but even as a private teacher I’ve already felt I'd like my students to participate more and I’m gonna try to make use of those ideas in my lessons. Well, that's it for today,colleague! Have a great day!

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