terça-feira, 10 de agosto de 2010

Hunting for letters!

Some time ago I went to a store where stuff for birthday parties are sold and then I bought a pack of letters! By the way, it was really cheap. So I kept them in my mini school and waited for the chance to use those letters in class. Tomorrow I’m starting with two kids (they’re siblings, one is 8 and the other one is 10) and I’d like to do something different during our lesson. As it would be our first class and they're children, I thought about preparing a dynamic activity for them to memorize the alphabet, after presenting it. So my intention is to place all the letters around my reception area without them looking, and then explain that we’re going hunting for the alphabet letters in the room, but they can only pick the letters up and score the corresponding point (1 point) if they pronounciate the letter correctly. If they don’t, their oponent would keep that letter and score the point, instead. I hope it works! See you tomorrow, colleague!

2 comentários:

  1. That sounds like a great activity, Bianca. Hope you have fun doing it with them!

  2. Hi, Teresa! Thanks for your comment. Actually, I used this activity yesterday and it was great! Game approved!