sexta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2010

What's the question?

English learners usually have difficulties when they have to create a question, more than when they have to answer one. I’m always applying my students lots of exercises in which they have to write the proper questions to certain answers. But one of these days I found on the Net a nice game that can be used in class instead of those kind of “boring” exercises. If you work with a large group it’s even better, but this activity can be simply adapted to smaller groups and even private students. The teacher divides the class in teams or in pais, and start calling out an answer, for example, “Lynn”. The students, on the other hand, have to write the correct question to that answer, in this case, “What’s your middle name?” and so on. I’m definitely going to adapt this game to use in my classes! Have a nice weekend, colleague!

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