quarta-feira, 10 de março de 2010

Board games are simply the best!

I always loved board games! And so did my students. When I worked with large groups, and when it was possible, I used to divide them in trios and have them playing those games in the last fifteen minutes of our class. Of course we were practicing the content we had studied and they had lots of fun! So yesterday I found something wonderful on the Net: a site with printable board games!!!!! I myself printed some related to the topic of my lessons and I'm anxious to use all of them with my private students. If you have large groups you can take photocopies and play with them, too!!! A great thing is that you can make the board game yourself choosing among a big variety of topics and also choosing the vocabulary you'd like to work with your students. Really nice!!! Take a look: www.toolsforeducators.com

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  1. What a coincidence Bianca! What is the name of the website you got these printable board games from? I was surfing on the internet this morning and found this site here http://www.eslhq.com/forums/esl-forums/esl-games-activities/games-teach-difference-between-past-simple-present-perfect-tense-425/
    Is this the one you are talking about?

  2. Haha.. I just noticed you put the website above..lol. Anyway, the website I pasted here is also good for these types of games! =)

  3. Thanks, Carlinha!!! One more good website for all of us!!!