quarta-feira, 31 de março de 2010

A visit to a R$1,99 store!

One of these days I was passing by a R$ 1,99 store when I decided to go in and see if I could find something cheap, but at the same time interesting, to use in my classes. So I bought the three objects above because I thought they could be useful in my lessons.
1) A mirror (R$ 2.50) – Why not bring to class a mirror in order to teach Reflexive Pronouns? The teacher may look at the mirror and say: “I’m looking at MYSELF”. After that, it would be a student’s turn to look at the mirror and this time the teacher would say: “She/He is looking at HERSELF/HIMSELF” and so on.
2) A flute (R$ 1,99) – CAN you play the flute? This idea would be really nice for large groups. The teacher could give a student the flute and ask this volunteer to play the musical instrument. Probably this student wouldn’t be able to do so, and the teacher would have a great chance to teach CAN by saying something like: “Iiiiii..I guess João CAN´T play the flute...” and continue asking the other students: “CAN you play the flute?”, "Who CAN play the flute?"
3) An object we used in the past to learn how to count - (R$ 5.50)- Do you remember this?? I really don’t know its name even in Portuguese! A different idea to practice NUMBERS in the year 2010!! After presenting the numbers, ask your student to count using this object from the old days!

6 comentários:

  1. Hi Bia!
    I loooove your tips! i always come by to see your new ideas!! Great! love it! ;)

  2. Hello Bia!!
    I found your blog feww weeks ago and I can't stop reading it!!
    I love your flute idea! I need to buy one!!
    Another very nice thing you would use you "counting-object" it's to teach hours... intead of drawing the clock you could just change the hour on you little thing!
    I hope I can find interesting things like you have!

    Have a nice Easter!!


  3. uopss sorry for the mistakes above!

  4. Hi, girls!! I'm glad you liked the tips!!

  5. ...ops, Alli! You're right! We can also use that counting thing to teach clock times!
    Great idea!

  6. Hello, I've just found this blog and I'm really enjoying it. Congratulations.
    By the way, the name of the object is abacus in English and ábaco in Portuguese.

    See ya