sábado, 13 de março de 2010

Test your student's memory with "The Simpsons"

Last week I used another DVD but in a different way. I've got a student who is 13 and, just like most teenagers, he loves watching "The Simpsons. So once he's a beginner, I prepared a very simple activity related to the cartoon, and used it as a "wrap up"! Well, I decided to prepare an exercise that would give my student a chance to read in English after listening to it, and at the same time would test his "memory" (more like a way to keep him paying attention to the scene). So I wrote things like: "There was a pink box on the table" and "Homer liked his wife's idea", and so on. After watching the scene he was supposed to answer some questions and then mark true or false. He liked the activity a lot and the most important is that he got to the conclusion that it's possible to understand the idea of a cartoon or a movie in English!! See you tomorrow!

2 comentários:

  1. Good idea!!! Thanks, I'll try to do something similar...

  2. Hi Vivi!!! Cool!!! Just remember to tell us if the activity worked well with your students!!! I'm curious!!!!