sexta-feira, 26 de março de 2010

There is a cat under the table.

This afternoon I remembered this dictation I used to give my students. It’s been a long time since I don’t teach large groups so I haven’t been using this activity recently but I realized it’s possible to use it with my private students as well, and I really think they would like it! I got this idea from a book once and it’s really interesting. At the end of class or in the beginning of it, give your students a piece of paper and then tell them you’re going to dictate something but they should draw instead of write. Then, start dictating: THERE IS A TABLE. At this moment everybody’s supposed to draw it. THERE IS A RADIO ON THE TABLE. They draw it. BEHIND THE RADIO, THERE IS A VASE. IN THE VASE, THERE’S A FLOWER. THERE’S ALSO SOME WATER IN THE VASE. By this time, students are gonna be really surprised because they probably won’t find room for everything you want them to draw. No problem! That’s the funny thing about the task! You continue. UNDER THE TABLE, THERE IS A CAT. THERE’S ALSO A DOG UNDER THE TABLE. BETWEEN THE DOG AND THE CAT THERE’S A PLATE. And finally...THERE’S A FISH ON THE PLATE. Ufffffff!!! Have fun!!
PS: You may practice there is/there are and prepositions with this dynamic.

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  1. Awesome job lil'Bu!!! By reading this post I realized that I'll never be a english teacher! I would jump ahead and start teaching slangs, and a very wrong way to talk and write! LMAO (Laughing my ass off). I are doing a GREAT job.
    I miss you!

  2. Now you can play with your students to fing big and ugly grammar mistakes on my posts! Like " I have realized, and not I realized", "an english teacher" and not "a english teacher"... and the last but not least.... "I are" this is a winner right? shame on me! This is what happens when you type too fast and don't spell check before posting! Cheers!

  3. Bu, I miss you a lot!!!!
    Thanks for passing by!!

  4. Hey Dear, awesome idea!!!For sure I´m using class!!!Then I tell you the results.