quarta-feira, 3 de março de 2010

I've got a new book!

This book caught my attention because of its title and also because of the price (only R$ 26,00). I didn't have enough time to read so I just took a look at it last night because I was really curious! Well, summing up: the author uses a very nice language and brings some ideas that we can use in class, but I confess I'd only use three of them. The first one refers to proverbs on which students can make comments; the second good idea (but I had already heard of it) was the activity in which we have a word and we ask the students to create others from that first one and the last option was creating funny ads for something. Then I thought about asking my students to look for something in a magazine and create a good advertisiment for it. That's all for today, colleague!! See you tomorrow!

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  1. Hey, Bianca!

    It's a pleasure to find such a good website like yours.
    My name is Pollyana, I'm 22 and I live in São José do Rio Preto-SP. I've always studied English but started a graduation in Italian Language...Yeah, I know... weird... Well... in the meanwhile I've started working with English and have traveled abroad. As I love teaching English and love teaching kids, I switched from Italian to Early Childhood Education and keep working with English classes. I also teach English since I was a teenager, like you. And my most recent adventure is to open a mini school (just borrowed the name from you ;]) in the small town where I grown up.

    Surfing the net I found you with your really nice ideias and I'd like to keep in touch and change some experiences, if possible.
    My email: teacher_pollyana@hotmail.com

    Take care,

  2. Hi Polly! It's great to have you here! I wish you good luck in your recent adventure(rs)!! I love what I do and I can see that you do, too. That's the first step to success! When we really love what we do, things just happen!