quinta-feira, 25 de março de 2010

Presenting/Consolidating "What's this?" with a challenging game!!

Some time ago I went to a stationary and I bought this very simple game (and pretty cheap, by the way) because I thought it would be nice for my English private classes. The game contains lots of pictures made of cardboard and there is also something to cover one’s eyes so the blindfolded volunteer cannot look at the object (an umbrella, a bicycle, a butterfly, etc) he/she has in hand. So yesterday afternoon I was teaching the mentioned content to two students, who are teens, and we played the game as a "warm up". It was great! They had fun, especially because it was kind of difficult for them to find out the objects. It became a very challenging game! If you work with large groups, ask for a volunteer!! It’s nice!! And if you can’t find a similar game, you can make one yourself...or even use real objects to play with your students!! Don’t forget to start presenting the grammar you’re about to teach (if you use this activity as a "warm up") asking the volunteer: “What’s this?” If students don’t know the vocabulary in English, no problem!! They can say the word in Portuguese and you can give them the corresponding noun in English. They'll be learning anyway!!Have a nice and challenging class, colleague!

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