sábado, 20 de março de 2010

English class X Exercise class

Yesterday while I was giving my student a song in the end of our class – by the way, one of Mariah Carey’s: “I wanna know what love is” – I felt like I was about to finish an exercise class. You know, if we stop to think we’ll get to the conclusion that an English class is very similar to an exercise class. We start with a “warm up” in order to get students ready to start, then we have the class itself which must be really lively and dynamic (can you imagine a physical education teacher that looks demotivated and gives a boring class?), and finally we have the last part of the class with a game, a song,a reading task, etc.(mmm..a wonderful topic for a next future!). Wrap ups provide students some time to unwind and practice English as well. We can make use of different ways to finish our classes, depending only on the time we have, on the group, on the day...anyway, wrap ups are also great because they make us feel like “Ok! Mission accomplished! The class was great!". Well, that's it for today! See you, collegue!

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