quinta-feira, 18 de março de 2010

Two dictionary games!

Usually when a teacher comes into the classroom with a dictionary, students get almost "terrified". Looking for meanings in a dictionary is boring for them. But with these games (which are great to be used with Intermediate or Advanced Students) you'll be able to work on their vocabulary and let them have fun in class, too! You need only a dictionary, paper and pencils and it's a good idea to divide your group in teams or in pairs. In advance, choose some words from the dictionary and prepare three definitions for each of them. One should be correct and the others false. Students are supposed to guess which definition is the correct one. But there is also another way to play a game with a dictionary. Give your students a word and this time THEY're supposed to write a definition for it (individually or in pairs), and that's the funniest part because they probably don't know the word so they have to use their imagination to write a definition for it. Remind them not to write their names on the paper and after two minutes, collect the papers and read them out loud. Students, then, vote on the definition they think is the correct one. Points to the ones who vote on the correct definition or on the one that gets closer to the correct meaning.The coolest part: the ones who wrote a false definition and got most of the votes from the others score points, too!

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