sexta-feira, 19 de março de 2010

Practice Whose/Genitive Case with an extra material made by you!!

This is an exercise that almost every book brings but once almost every student enjoys "taking a break" from the book ,I thought about preparing my own "hand made" activity and reach the same result, but in a nicest way! And you can also do that using a computer and paper. If you can't use a computer, no problem! You can use only colored pens and paper! I simply chose two pictures from the Net (Google Images), one of a girl and the other one of a boy and created names for them. Then, I typed lots of objects like "a pink wallet", "a pair of male sunglasses",etc. So my student is supposed to place these objects under their "owners", just like a match up! After that, the teacher can practice questions like "Whose wallet is this?" and elicit from the student the corresponding answer "It's Jen's", for example. Wow! It's Friday again! Have a nice weekend, collegue!

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