quinta-feira, 11 de março de 2010

Find someone who

This is a perfect acitivity for large groups and I used to do it a lot with my students when I taught at English courses. The teacher should prepare in advance some statements like: "someone who likes chocolate", "someone who goes to bed after 11 pm", or "someone who eats fast food once a week", and type them. Take as many photocopies you need so that each student has one. Explain that they're supposed to walk around the classroom and keep asking their classmates questions, for example, "Do you like chocolate?", "Do you go to bed after 11 pm?" or "Do you eat fast food once a week/How often do you eat fast food?". When a classmate answers "yes" they should write his/her name next to the corresponding statement. After some time, ask all of them to sit down and then elicit answers "Class, who eats fast food once a week?" and so on. Great exercise and it also gives you the chance to practice different subjects:Simple Present, Simple Past (using statements in the past "Who went to a restaurant yesterday"), Present Perfect and etc. Have a wonderful class!

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