quarta-feira, 24 de março de 2010


Colleagues, next time you have some free time, take a look at www.eslteachersboard.com. The site has a huuuuuge variety of games and activities. Some of them are already known but there are other activities which are new and interesting as well. One of the dynamics that caught my attention was the following:the teacher puts some cards/pictures on the desk and asks students to memorize their details during a certain time. After that, one of the cards/pictures should be taken out, and of course students are not allowed to see that because their “mission” is to say which card/picture has "disappeared" and also describe it. Hmmm...a wonderful idea for my next class!

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  1. Hey Bianca!

    What's up?

    Thans for always sharing such great tips!

    Today I'm sharing mine. Have you ever checked on this website: http://www.getenglishlessons.com ?

    It's really cool! There are lots of activities with videos and worksheets.
    Hope it can be useful!



  2. Hi, Pollyana!!!! It's great to see you here again!! Thanks for you suggestion!! I'll take a look at it right now!!