terça-feira, 2 de março de 2010

Presenting foods

Interchange Intro lesson 9. A nice way to present the vocabulary which this unit brings is using images, their corresponding names and small plastic bags. So in my class, instead of following the book I placed everything on the desk and asked my student to first match the images with their names and finally organize them into the correct plastic bags. It was great!! My student didn't feel bored (notice that he's 13 and teenagers get usually tired of following the book) and at the same time he had the chance to learn the new vocabulary by dealing with its images and names. Now about the preparation: it took me some time because of the "contact paper" I decided to use but it was really not necessary. The images were taken from the Net (Google images!! I love it!) and the words were simply typed and printed which is not so important as you can even write them with a colored pen and have the same result. The plastic bags? Those ones who are used for freezing stuff and we can buy at any supermarket. Good activity! Fast and great result!

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