domingo, 21 de março de 2010

Fast Tip 5: Celebrate your student's achievement!

I could also say...praise your students! Everybody likes to be praised and we, teachers, gotta keep in mind that praising is a motivational factor to our students. But of course this must be sincere. Yesterday (Remember? I still teach on Saturdays) something like this happened to me. My student was supposed to make up a question, and even though her idea was great (it really was!), she made a grammar mistake. I corrected her in nice way and emphasized her creativity.“Wow! Your question was really creative!I loved your idea!” She immediately gave me a smile.It's so nice when a student answers something correctely or reads a text in the right means he/she LEARNED and that makes me feel really happy, but it also means I achieved my goal and that's another reason for me to celebrate, as well.I show that through gestures (a smile is a great idea!) and words like “VERY GOOD!!”, “EXCELLENT!!”, “YOU’VE MADE IT”, “SEE? YOU CAN!!”, ETC. A simple supportive gesture, an enthusiastic word and a sincere smile can make wonders. Try and see by yourself!! Have a happy Sunday, collegue!

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