domingo, 28 de março de 2010

Fast tip 6: Talk less, listen more

This tip is soooooo for me! I have to confess! During my classes I always have to stop and think if I’m talking more than my student (rs). Really. Sometimes I get so excited about the class, or a certain topic that I start speaking (in English, of course!) too much but then something makes me realize that “maybe” I'm speaking more than I should. After all, my student is the one who is there to practice the language. Not me. Summing up, in my opinion, teachers should listen more and talk less. There’s something else I always have to control in me. Once I’m kind of anxious, sometimes I ask my student a question and I don’t wait the time I should for him/her to answer. Instead of that, I start helping. Not that I give them the answer but I start giving clues...that’s not good, either. So after this confession, I promise myself I’m gonna be more patient next time and wait a little bit more for my student to answer the question without my help, and I also promise I’m gonna give my student a chance to speak much more than me in class. Have a great Sunday, my dear colleague!

2 comentários:

  1. It´s a strategy to help them to improve,"don´t tell your students what they can tell you" and I totally agree...we should be a coach, they have to do the job.