segunda-feira, 8 de março de 2010

Picture Dictation

Another very nice idea is the "Picture Dictation". At first you may think it may only be applied to children or teens but I've already done this activity with grown-ups and everybody had lots of fun! First of all you have to choose some words from the vocabulary you've been teaching and as a "warm up" or as a "wrap up" you can tell your students that you're going to dictate them some words but instead of writing them they should only draw. This way you can check if they really got the vocabulary and at the same time they'll be practicing their listening.If you want to make this activity even funnier, after finishing the dictation, collect all drawings and have students vote for the most beautiful, the funniest, etc. but notice that this competition may not be a good idea if you work with children. Have a nice class!

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